Reasons You Must Work with the Best Local Realtor

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home without the help of a realtor, this could be one of the more costly mistakes you ever make. The following information will open your eyes as to all the things that are going on behind the scenes that you might not even realize the real estate agent is working on.

Premier One a great place to look for homes for sale in Charleston SC cautions us to consider all these reasons why you need to be working with the best local real estate agent before you try to enter this market alone.

When you are looking to buy a house, your real estate agent can help to do a fair market analysis of houses that sold recently and ones that are up for sale, and tell you exactly how much you should be spending based on closings of similar houses. This research ensures you do not spend a penny more when you are looking to buy.

The best local real estate agent has inroads to the top financial consultants, lawyers, and home professionals in the industry. These experts are going to be at your disposal if working with a realtor. So not only will you have access to proven winners in a variety of fields, you could be getting them at a significantly lower price than had you looked for them on your own.

One of the biggest reasons you want to be working with a professional realtor is they have negotiating skills that will ensure you are getting the best possible deals. Your real estate agent has been doing this for some time, and they can identify situations where they think you can push for a lower price or get more in the way of perks at closing.

One advantage to working with the agent is they live and breathe realty, so if a house in your price range appears in the MLS listing service overnight, you know that agent will have you scheduled for a walk-through before potential buyers out looking without a realtor could get a viewing.

In some cases, your realtor may offer real estate rebates, a commission based on the sale price that you receive at closing in the form of a check. This extra cash could be in the thousands and really come in handy at that particular time for home owners too.

Now that you know why you should hire the best, make sure you take some time to research candidates and choose one who best fits your unique needs.


Beginner Boating Checklist Before Leaving the Marina

Although this checklist for boaters to use before they leave the safety of the docks should apply to all, we are focusing on the beginners because they are not yet experienced enough on the water to deal with certain scenarios. Here is a great checklist from our friends over at, a leading boats listing site. If you can’t commit this list to memory, print it out and make sure you read it each time you get in the boat.

boatsHere is your checklist before you pull away from the marina:

1. Always make certain you have enough life jackets for every person on board including yourself.

2. In addition to a fully charged phone, invest and bring a satellite phone for emergencies far from shore.

3. Be sure someone back on shore knows where you plan on driving for the day and when you plan on coming back.

4. Invest in a good boat mechanic and make sure he is checking the boat on a regular basis.

5. If you haven’t already, take a boat safety class so that you are prepared in the event something were to go wrong out on the seas. Storms can pop up quickly and you may not be able to outrun them in your boat.

6. Never drink alcohol while operating your boat. The same rules as driving your vehicle on the highway apply here.

7. Know the weather forecast for the entire day, and plan accordingly if there is any chance of bad weather in your region.

8. Be sure that you fuel up the boat before pulling away from the shore and that you know where the nearest fuel station is while you are out on your trip.

9. Make certain you have all your paperwork on board, and this includes licenses and permits if you plan on fishing. You can be pulled over at any time and asked to present your papers.

10. Have a first-aid kit on board in the event someone gets hurt, the bigger the better when you are out at sea.

11. Keep plenty of water on the boat for those who get motion sickness and need to re-hydrate while away from the shore.

12. Do not travel in your boat at speeds that are unsafe. If a swimmer or smaller boat is in your path,. you may not have time to stop and cause serious injuries as a result.

There you have it, a checklist for boating safety that will ensure you and your passengers have a great time creating memories that will last a lifetime on the water.



The Keys to Successful Website Design

Keep it SimpleWebsite design is more than creating a site that is visually appealing, it has to function on a deeper level in order for you to get a decent amount of organic traffic. The best way to get the most out of your website is by developing the perfect balance so you appeal to the search engines but at the same time you get your organic traffic excited as well. To follow are some points to be made by a leading SEO firm in Charleston SC.

The first area you must work on is behind the scenes. Look at it this way, if the search engines can not index or even find your content, how in the world will organic traffic? Start by getting into the meta fields and cleaning them up. Some have blank spaces in these sections, so start putting in relevant content for each page so that the spiders that crawl your pages know where you should be ranked.

It is important you spend some time finding the right Keywords for your website and pages. Dig down a ways because you want to find phrases that get a decent amount of searches each month but have little in the way of competition. If you can fins a few of these search terms, what is going to happen is you will start ranking high for those terms and them the entire website as a whole will start ranking better for the more common words you have been using.

Now we start focusing on the visual aspects of your website. Start by cleaning up all that clutter on the home page of the site. This is not a dumping ground, where you cram all your content in the hopes of pleasing every person that shows up at your website. Since 80% of the traffic will land there, get all the relevant content above the fold and move the rest to their respected pages.

Put some time into making your navigation bar as effective as possible. By effective, we are talking about getting your traffic to their destination is as few clicks as possible, preferably one. If a visitor is going to have to make several clicks to find the information they are looking for, in the end you will lose more people than you engage. Get them to that information in one click so they can focus on taking other actions.

So now you know how to balance both sides of web design, keep working at this a little each day and your traffic will increase steadily.